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Palmyra Competition

Do you own the boardgame Palmyra?
Do you wanna win something unique and special?
Then answer the following 2 little questions until Dec. 23rd 2013:

1. How many blank tiles are in the gamebox of Palmyra?
2. Which special action is running at Irongames until Dec. 23rd 2013?

Send your answers to games@irongames.de

Among the correct answers I will draw three winners on Dec. 24th 2013 which will get a unique Palmyra coffee-mug!
PS.: If you don't know the answer of question 1 exectly - It could be also necessary to give just a tip.

The correct answers are: 4 Blank tiles and save 5 € with your order.

The winners are:
David Vogler, Diana Koßmann and Michael Hippenstiel

Your mugs will go out on Dec. 28th 2013.
All who were with me in the competition a big Thank you, a Merry Christmas and a great move into 2014!

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